Which Readings are best for me?

There are many paths to discovery within the Akashic Records.  One of the best questions to ask is, “What information and knowledge is in my highest good to know right now?”  The Records will unfold answers that are appropriate and thought provoking.  With a sense of “knowing,” some information may feel like it is coming from our egos.  It is important to remember that when we receive answers from our Guides and Record Keepers there will always be feelings of love with succinct wisdom.  Our Guides and Keepers want us to succeed! They are truly invested in us at Soul Level.

Asking yourself, “Which Readings are best for me?” has several possible answers.  Options here are a good thing!  The Basic Soul Profile is most often the best place to start.  Because the information presented in this reading illuminates other aspects, segments of the Basic Soul Profile are invaluable when interpreting and understanding who we are at Soul Level.  By identifying with the energies our Soul has been infused with and experienced we often validate characteristics and become empowered to enjoy our gifts.

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