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Bonked on the Head

What follows here is my account of the impact and recovery experienced from a car accident in October of 2015.  It is my genuine hope that myself and others can find healing and answers from this narrative.Light, Love & Consciousness,


Comfortable in my life, working hard in the retail corporate world, taking great vacations, it all had the air of success.  Then, in October of 2015, everything shifted.  On my way to work, in the dark of early day, I was rear-ended.   My Honda CRV had taken taps on the back bumper before, but this one was different.  I have heard how people feel a moment like this moves in slow motion.  It is true.  At a stop in a construction zone, I saw the head lights in my rear view mirror closing in, fast.  Realizing I could pop my clutch and escape impact, there was a picture of the person in front of me getting hit.  What if they have a child in there? Or its Grandma? Or?!

The lights closing in, the inevitable collision, the unknown.  This was no adventure.  This was uncertainty.  The kind that expands to infinity in a millisecond, then snaps back to reality.  I turned my wheels to the right to avoid the car ahead. Releasing my hold on the steering column, I leaned against the headrest and relaxed.  With a familiar bang, I was launched forward.  Careening off the concrete divider, I flopped down staring through my windshield into the passenger window of the car previously ahead of me.  The tire marks on the side wall were higher than the hood of my vehicle.

In the expanse after the crash, I heard the voice of my beloved Grandmother, sitting next to me in the passenger seat.  “You’ve got to move your car out of the traffic now, baby,” she said with her very distinct Texas charm.  The comfort of that moment would not register until later in my recovery.  Her words moved me from harms way.  As I inched out of the traffic lane, my world felt different.

In the hours to follow, I went through an emergency room battery of x-rays and scans and questions and something I did not expect; pain meds.  For a recovering alcoholic this is red flag of epic proportion.  “It’s okay,” said the ER doc, “You were just in a car accident.  This is prescribed by your doctor.”  That prescription became Valium and Percocet   three times a day for several weeks.  Fortunately, my story does not tangent into a relapse of non-sobriety here.  It does, however, extend for over a year in recovery from a severe concussion.

I do not recall hitting my head.  I do not recall anything hitting my head.  A closed head injury is a difficult diagnosis.  Being the proactive sort, I searched for a lawyer right away.  On the following Monday we met with him.  Thankfully, he provided a questionnaire for possible symptoms.  Of the twenty four, or so, on the sheet, I was certainly experiencing most of them.  Mood swings, confusion, migraines, all sorts of changes in my personality.   After a visit to my family doctor, it was confirmed.  A traumatic brain injury (TBI) has a couple of roads.  One leads back to general reality within a week or so.  The other is a long haul.  And so began a new page, a fresh chapter, a unplanned adventure into the unknown of concussion recovery.  This was not the one week variety.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the combined history and future possibilities of all the information for every soul throughout creation.  Akasha is the primordial substance, the Prana, the Source, that from which All things are created.  The Records energetically hold every action, choice, thought and consequence, from our Soul’s first incarnation.  Any entity that has interaction with, or observation of another, records the facts of that encounter in the Akashic Records.  The scope of the Akashic library covers trees, crystals, creatures and even planets and galaxies.

The Akashic Records can be viewed in different ways.  Some liken it to a huge library with millions of books and rooms.  Others see it as the planetary hue of the atmosphere of our dear Mother Earth.  It can also be a place accessed from within through meditation practices.  There are unlimited ways to access the Akashic Records.

Understanding how your Soul’s infused energy creates your individual flow through the Universe you can better comprehend the perfect combination your gifts.  Often, this information is validating and empowering.  Embracing your blessings leads to confidence with who you are.

 Your personal records are completely accessible to you!  And, they remain private because no one can access anyone else’s records without expressed permission from that soul.

Which Readings are best for me?

There are many paths to discovery within the Akashic Records.  One of the best questions to ask is, “What information and knowledge is in my highest good to know right now?”  The Records will unfold answers that are appropriate and thought provoking.  With a sense of “knowing,” some information may feel like it is coming from our egos.  It is important to remember that when we receive answers from our Guides and Record Keepers there will always be feelings of love with succinct wisdom.  Our Guides and Keepers want us to succeed! They are truly invested in us at Soul Level.

Asking yourself, “Which Readings are best for me?” has several possible answers.  Options here are a good thing!  The Basic Soul Profile is most often the best place to start.  Because the information presented in this reading illuminates other aspects, segments of the Basic Soul Profile are invaluable when interpreting and understanding who we are at Soul Level.  By identifying with the energies our Soul has been infused with and experienced we often validate characteristics and become empowered to enjoy our gifts.

Who is Akashaman?

Please note that this aspect of my life is currently unfolding.  For those interested in my story, my metaphysical path is described in detail below. It is my genuine hope that my story can help others. If you are so inclined, please reach out to me to share your thoughts or story.  Contact link here.

Love, Light & Consciousness,


Reading Akashic Records was the first few steps of my journey back into the “metaphysical” community.  At an early age I embraced the idea of reincarnation.  Having lived multiple times on our beautiful Mother Earth, and other places, made perfect sense to me.  That idea blossomed and I began to wonder what it would be like to awaken the knowledge my Soul had acquired in those many previous lives.  Over the next twenty years or more I dabbled and lived and experienced all sorts of modalities.

I was unaware of my deep need for centering and grounding.  I worked hard, played harder and had a very adventurous spirit.  As we all do, I made what I thought were missteps along the way.  Diving head first into dark waters is not always the best idea.  Venturing beyond the veil of our Earth-based reality was a constant goal.  One that led me to various drink and substances.  In the moments of bliss I found balance and understanding.  Then I would wake up, starting it all over.  Many of those reboots required a “hair of the dog.”  Often I came away with feelings or visions of the Other Side. What answers lie beyond?

As I gained insight into how I was stripped of my Akashic Record entering our third dimensional reality, I came to understand that my Soul did have an “outline” for this life.  I became fascinated with Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming.  During brief times I was accessing another place with all the wonders of the Universe.  Until later in my life, I was not aware that I was travelling into the Akasha.

A few years ago I got into pottery.  It started as many hobbies do, with a class at our local recreation center.  The class stuck with me and before long there was a pottery wheel in my basement.  My first studio was born.  Little did I know at the time that there was much soul searching to come.

I was a drunk.  Two ways to stop consuming: 1) Run out of booze, 2) Pass out, but not before black out and often hazy memories of being a complete ass.  “Black Out Friday,” I call it.  That day after Thanksgiving when the box stores and malls are a chaotic mess.  I was a chaotic mess.  In the throws of finding who I was and discovering who I was not, there were signs I just did not see.  Since that fall from the tower of my ego, I have been sober.  Free from the drink for five years in 2016.

Comfortable in my life, working hard in the retail corporate world, taking great vacations, it all had the air of success.  Then, in October of 2015, everything shifted.

At this point in my story line, I was in a nasty accident.  Though quite relevant to my journey, not everyone cares to hear the details.  If you like, you can read my post, Bonked on the Head.  If not, well, that is okay too.  The short version is; I acquired a severe concussion.