Chakra Analysis

The Chakra Reading provides a picture of how specific points on the body are currently energetically charged.  This is represented by a percentage between 0% and 200%.  Zero represents no activity while 200 represents over activity.  A “sweet spot” exists from about 90% – 110% where the chakras are in balance.

When the chakras are over or under active, corresponding organs and life associations are out of sync.  A clear picture of how to get into balance emerges, providing a view of the next steps to take in order to come into balance with self and those around us.  For instance, under activity at the 1st  chakra, at the root of the spine, may result in feeling ungrounded or having a sense of misplacement in family or society.  With over activity at the 1st chakra, there may be excessive socialization or insistence on maintaining toxic relationships with family or friends.

This Chakra Reading can be expanded to correspond to how the chakra activity is showing up in other areas of our lives, such as our relationships at home or work, physical, emotional and mental bodies.   A clear view of our chakra system provides immediate feedback on how we are showing up in the current time.   Fortunately, the information leads to actionable steps to get into balance right away.

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