Manifesting Blueprint

This in one of the most useful readings.  Often times we work towards our goals with our tried and true methods with good results.  Whether its about a business venture, special project, or personal abundance, information on how we “get there” is helpful.  As goals become larger or more life changing, it is beneficial to understand what pathway to manifestation works best for our individual Soul.  The Manifesting Blueprint outlines how our gifts work for us when creating our reality.

Some of us become inspired when surrounded by like minded people. Others may seek contrast to outline their unique talents.  One person may truly enjoy the process of creation, enjoying the journey as much, if not more than, the goal.  Another person may manifest better by setting a clear goal and “reverse engineering” the steps to that target.

The Manifesting Blueprint reveals how we, as individuals, can sync our Soul’s energetic gifts with our model for creating abundance.  Based on specific information from the Basic Soul Profile, we will build an outline of how to bring forth the bounty by leveraging the Soul Level energies.

As added bonuses, we are able to compare your blueprint to how your energies are currently aligned.  This is applicable to every aspect of our lives.  How we show up in areas of health, money, relationships, and others, can be easily realigned with our Soul’s blueprint.

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