Relationship Reading

We are able to access our own Akashic Records with a conduit or through our own practices with meditation and prayer.  But, what about the Akashic Records of others?  To be candid, it really is not appropriate to attempt to access someone else’s records.  If we attempt to do so without expressed permission, the information would be clouded and inaccurate.  Your Akashic Record Keeper will not allow others admittance to your knowledge base unless you consent.

What is accessible to you is the interactions with another Soul, in this lifetime and previous incarnations.  By the Law of Karma we create cycles to experience various situations and perspectives in order to better understand ourselves.  As part of a Soul Profile & Realignment©, many current situations may arise that pertain to our current life and others.  The Relationship Reading can be done between you and a spouse, child, business partners, etc., from your perspective of the interactions with that particular Soul.

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