Spirit Guide Reading

Spirit Guides are Souls that have contracted with us to assist during  our current incarnation.  Most of us have been stripped clean of our eternal Soul knowledge when we arrived on our planet.  Assistance navigating our third dimensional reality comes in many forms from many sources.  In addition to our own intuition and “gut feelings,” guidance from other realms is quite valuable and applicable to our world.  The team of Guides that watch over and help us know our true potential.  When we truly step into our abundance they often laugh and cheer and pretty much have a party! You are the guest of honor!

We often wonder, “How do I get in touch with my Spirit Guides?  How do I know when I am receiving help from them and not from own mind?”  When messages or signs come up through our guides the information will be wise and loving.   Comforting energy usually accompanies such instances.  When we encounter resistance it is most likely our ego that raises a red flag.  The insecurity and concern is not attributed to our Soul or Guides.  That is a product of our ego sensing uncomfortable circumstances or change.

With a Spirit Guide Reading, we discover who is on our Guide Team.  These Soul Friends often share similar energies with our own Souls.   A beautiful relationship with our teams unfolds, creating links and understanding, allowing a space to open for connection.  In addition, there may be in-depth details describing how our Guides reach out to us, their purpose on our team, names, physical portrayal, and other particulars that aid in creating contact with our allies.

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